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LifeBridge Health[1] is a regional health care organization based in northwest Baltimore and its surrounding counties.

LifeBridge Health consists of Sinai Hospital of Baltimore[2], Northwest Hospital[3], Carroll Hospital[4], Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital[5], LifeBridge Health & Fitness[6], hundreds of primary care and specialty physicians throughout the region, and many affiliated health-related partners.


Sinai Hospital of Baltimore


Northwest Hospital

Carroll Hospital[9]

Carroll Hospital


Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital


LifeBridge Health & Fitness

As one of the largest, most comprehensive and most highly respected providers of health-related services to the people of the northwest Baltimore region, LifeBridge Health advocates preventive services, wellness and fitness services, and programs to educate and support the communities it serves.

Moving beyond the walls of our world-class hospitals and into your community, LifeBridge Health has more than 1,700 primary care physicians and specialists to provide the care you need — when and where you need it.

Visit our physician directory[12] to search by name, location, specialty and more. Or let us help: call 866-404-DOCS and a referral specialist will assist you in finding the physician who is right for you.

At LifeBridge Health, we embrace a culture of inclusion and mutual respect by valuing the unique contributions of each employee. Learn about our employment opportunities[13].

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