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Just a Passing Cramp? Or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There it is again ... that funny sensation in your wrist you've been experiencing for weeks. Could you have carpal tunnel syndrome? And, if so, what treatment is available? Common carpal tunnel symptoms With carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), your hand and wrist tingle from pressure on the median nerve that runs through a narrow passage…
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Should You Get a Bone Density Screening?

Osteoporosis, or low bone density, causes more than 2 million fractures in the United States every year. There normally aren’t any warning signs, which is why an osteoporosis screening — a painless test similar to an X-ray — is so important. Many people aren’t getting the osteoporosis screenings they need, though, according to a new…
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Do You Have This Arthritis Warning Sign?

You might not think a nagging pain in your knee as you climb to the second floor warrants medical attention. But a new study suggests a compelling reason to visit your doctor at the first sign of knee pain when you ascend or descend steps. Pain on stairs could serve as the first warning sign…
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Meaty Diets Can Be a Risk Factor for Colorectal Cancer

What we eat has long been thought to affect our risk of developing cancer of the colon and rectum. Meat and fish continue to be the focus of many studies. More and more evidence  shows that eating too much meat may be harmful, while consuming more fish may ward off colorectal cancer. Red Meat Increases…
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Choosing a Primary Care Physician — The Smart Way

The average American between ages 18 and 64 visits a doctor’s office nearly four times a year, with roughly half of those visits being made to primary care physicians (PCPs). Checking in regularly with your PCP important. These checkups can prevent health problems before they start and help you establish a relationship with your PCP.…
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