LifeBridge Health Proves It’s Easy Bein’ Green with Recognition from Practice Greenhealth

LifeBridge Health has been recognized by Practice Greenhealth for its commitment to protecting the environment while preserving our standards of high quality, cost effective health care for the Greater Baltimore area and beyond. Practice Greenhealth is a national membership organization for health care facilities dedicated to environmentally responsible operations. Every year, they honor organizations that have shown exceptional dedication toward eco-friendly health care.

Sinai Hospital and Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital were singled out as Greenhealth Emerald award winners; the Greenhealth Emerald award is one of the highest distinctions issued by Practice Greenhealth. Greenhealth Emerald award winners represent the pinnacle of achievement in their mercury elimination, waste reduction, recycling and source reduction programs. Practice Greenhealth uses a carefully calibrated scoring and evaluation system, and hospitals that have been deemed worthy of the Greenhealth Emerald award have made great strides down the path to sustainability. They are leaders in their local communities and in the health care industry across the country. Northwest Hospital is also distinguished as a Partner for Change award winner. Practice Greenhealth Partner for Change winners are acknowledged for recycling 15 percent of their total waste, reducing regulated medical waste, working toward greater rates of mercury elimination and developing other successful pollution prevention programs in many different areas. GELogo14

LifeBridge Health has continually developed and refined its Freedom to Green initiative, which is dedicated to creating a system-wide culture of sustainability. The LifeBridge Health Green Team receives full support from executive leadership, and, along with LifeBridge Health’s corporate partners and employees, they’ve been able to create policies and procedures that have helped LifeBridge Health remain good stewards of our community – including composting cafeteria food waste; incorporating plastic, paper and battery recycling bins in all staff offices, as well as LED lighting throughout the hallways; adopting eco-friendly cleaning products; and installing light switches that automatically shut off when a room is unoccupied.

Through consistent efforts and creativity, LifeBridge Health proves Kermit the Frog’s old song wrong: It really is easy bein’ green.

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  1. It's always good news to learn how the green movement is expanding. Even if for some companies it's more about image rather than genuine investment in saving our planet Earth, at least the message is becoming more widespread. I think about the huge expanse of plastic flowing in the oceans as representing how late and slow consciousness about pollution is. So all efforts to expand green efforts need to be highlighted and applauded--congratulations to GreenHealth Emerald and awardees. Anne

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