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Get the Most Out of Your Patient Experience with Advice from LBH Providers

Marcus Welby, M.D., could diagnose and treat even the trickiest conditions in less than an hour and the immaculately-coiffed hotties of “Grey’s Anatomy” save a litany of patients between commercial breaks. But we live in the workaday world of blood tests and insurance cards and waiting to get our prescriptions filled. So, whether we’re going…
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JHB Hope Foundation Donates GlideScope® to Northwest Hospital to Benefit Children

The JHB Hope Foundation, a global outreach ministry that is part of Jesus House Baltimore, has donated a pediatric GlideScope® to Northwest Hospital to provide lifesaving treatment for the youngest patients in the hospital’s emergency department, ER-7. The pediatric GlideScope® is a piece of equipment that is specially designed to fit into the obstructed airway…
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LifeBridge Health Media Clips – Week of May 19

Every week, news related to LifeBridge Health is featured in various media outlets, including business journal publications, local newspapers, online news sites, television stations and magazines. As a health care organization, we are proud that our physicians, medical services and staff are recognized for outstanding, compassionate and caring work. What LifeBridge Health media sources were…
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The Old Wives Club: Which Health Myths Are True?

I was in line at my favorite coffee shop, gabbing with the teenage barista as I waited for her to finish my iced latte. We’d just gotten to the finer points of our "Hunger Games" survival strategies (I opted for immediately finding a water source, while she went straight for the weapons) when the woman behind…
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