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To E.R. or Not to E.R.? An Urgent Care Primer

To E.R. or not to E.R.? That may not have been Hamlet's question, but it's an important one when calamity strikes. Urgent care centers like ExpressCare offer a more cost-effective, time-efficient alternative when you and your loved ones need treatment, and the treatment is needed now. Urgent care centers are equipped to treat some of…
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LifeBridge Health Media Monday Clips – Week of December 23

Every week, news related to LifeBridge Health is featured in various media outlets, including business journal publications, local newspapers, online news sites, television stations and magazines. As a health care organization, we are proud that our physicians, medical services and staff are recognized for outstanding, compassionate and caring work. What LifeBridge Health media sources were…
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A Physician and a Partner: Mary Harrington’s Story

Mary Harrington has always enjoyed good health: When she’s not coaching colleagues in her role as an employee relations consultant at Sinai Hospital, she’s playing with her young grandnephews or indulging her love of nature. She certainly wasn’t expecting to hear that she had uterine cancer, and not just “garden variety” uterine cancer, but an…
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A Special Donation Helps the braVo! Fund

Brian White, the president of Northwest Hospital and senior vice president of LifeBridge Health, came home one evening to find a jar filled with coins. His 10-year-old daughter Ella told him that she’d been collecting money to donate to the Herman & Walter Samuelson Breast Care Center at Northwest. Ella was moved by the story…
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