Northwest Hospital Employees Make a Difference and Win Big

Old Court Café became a crowded house as folks from all over Northwest Hospital gathered to celebrate co-workers who’d been entered in the first quarterly You Make a Difference raffle. There were over 400 slips of paper in the raffle bin: These slips bore the names of staffers who were nominated via the patient satisfaction survey, letters from patients, Freedom to Recognize cards, messages and emails to hospital leadership and by their managers. Each quarter, five  names will be pulled at random, and five very happy employees will receive a check for $1,000 (and that’s even after taxes) from Northwest Hospital President and LifeBridge Health SVP Brian White.

"We give each one of our patients individual attention. Events like this are our way of giving back to our employees for providing the very best service possible," explains Valerie Brandenburg, HR director for Northwest Hospital, Levindale and Courtland Gardens.

This quarter’s winners included:

Tammy Ballard, nursing technician, medical oncology

Justyna Jamroz, R.N., medical oncology

Tye Magloire, occupational therapist, subacute rehab

Samantha Reese, R.N., nurse manager, geriatric respiratory

Robin Straiten, domestic violence case manager, D.O.V.E. program

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Though they were singled out for their efforts, each of the winners attributes her success to the collaborative atmosphere that makes Northwest Hospital a great home away from home.

“I love everything about working at Northwest,” says Magloire. “It’s such a great place, and we all feel so supported.” For Reese, there’s no greater support that the colleagues she spends her shifts with: “The people at Northwest Hospital are so friendly. I have an opportunity to really work with staff on a personal level, and this helps us deliver optimal patient care.” Straiten says that seeing how this care has transformed her patients’ lives makes all the hard work more than worth it: “You’re making a difference in people’s lives, and letting them know that someone cares. That really makes a difference.”

- Laura Bogart

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