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A Look at Sinai Hospital’s Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

The Sandra and Malcolm Berman Brain & Spine Institute features an inpatient Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Sinai Hospital that allows doctors to observe and record the brain waves of patients experiencing seizures or seizure-like behaviors in a comfortable, relaxed setting. Patients stay in a private room equipped with minimally intrusive medical and video monitoring equipment.…
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Tips for Boosting Your Brain Power

The great philosopher Aristotle may have believed that we’re born knowing everything we’ll ever know, but our brains are actually remarkably elastic. Whether we’re getting ready for our very first day of school or enjoying our retirement, there are things we can do to boost our brain power every day. Until they reach the not-so-terrible…
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LifeBridge Health Media Monday News Clips – Week of January 21

Every week, news related to LifeBridge Health is featured in various media outlets, including business journal publications, local newspapers, online news sites, television stations and magazines. As a health care organization, we are proud that our physicians, medical services and staff are recognized for outstanding, compassionate and caring work. What LifeBridge Health media sources were we featured…
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What Does Weight Loss Success Look Like?

For a very long time, much longer than the last two and a half years since my bariatric surgery, I thought success was a number on the scale. I really believed that once I reached XXX lbs I could say that I was successful in my weight loss journey. After having surgery, I believed I’d…
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