LifeBridge Health’s Efforts Against Hurricane Sandy

It’s a given that patient safety and treatment are the top priorities around LifeBridge Health. It doesn’t matter if it’s a routine day or a major emergency, our skilled staff members do everything in their power to keep things running smoothly.

Sinai Command Center Staff

Hurricane Sandy is a prime example of how Sinai, Northwest Hospital, Levindale and Courtland Gardens staff not only stepped up, but ran up to the plate to help out wherever they could.

Throughout the entire hurricane crisis, patients and residents continued to receive the top-notch care that they have come to expect over the years at all of our centers, which was only possible because of the tireless commitment of employees throughout our system.

Rather than paraphrase what I heard and read shortly after the worst effects of Sandy had passed through our area, I thought I’d share the words directly from the people who commented. They are from the LifeBridge Health management team and employees.

From Facebook

For Northwest Hospital Employees:  "On behalf of all our leadership and the command staff, please accept our sincerest appreciation for all you accomplished during Hurricane Sandy. The storm proved to be very challenging for multiple reasons, not only because of its strength but also because of its unpredictability. It was very humbling to see and hear of staff members making it in and willing to stay so that our patients were never without the highest quality care we provide."

From Facebook: Ann Walker, Family Member

"That is so NICE! Hope my niece stays all weekend. Love NORTHWEST for caring for their employees."

Northwest Command Center Staff

From Facebook

To Sinai Employees: "On behalf of senior management and the Command Center, we want to thank you for your hard work, understanding and collaboration during this record-breaking storm. Without hesitation, you provided our patients with the safest care. It is not always easy to work under these circumstances and it took a herculean effort to make things run this smoothly. Your dedication and teamwork are greatly appreciated. Our employees are our best asset and you prove this over and over again!"


From Facebook: Ben Ehrman, Sinai Employee

“I feel I need to give a shout out to all my fellow Sinai colleagues who were there to take care of patients during the storm. I work part-time in the Pathology Lab and everyone there pulled together and did what it took to get the work done. I'm sure it was the same all over the hospital…This is how things should be.”

From Dean Smith, Incident Commander at Levindale

“Thanks to the amazing staff at Levindale. As usual in these kinds of situations, there were constant updates, and everyone was on the same page. The EVS crews were very helpful in making sure there were designated areas for our male and female employees to sleep. Plant Operations ensured that the fort was safe. Food and Nutrition provided great meals, not only for our residents and patients, but for all of the staff that worked during the storm. The clinical team was exceptional, rotating so they could focus on our patients and residents. A special thank you is also in order for the transportation department for assisting in bringing our employees in safely. The team was awesome in every way."

From Administrator Jennifer Labute at Courtland Gardens

“It was all hands on deck there. I spent the night, along with many of our staff members, to make sure that residents were well taken care of.CourtlandGardensemployees really pulled together and went way above the norm. In one instance, the family of one co-worker even babysat for another who was needed on the job. In addition to having a shuttle bus available, employees also picked up colleagues from their homes because public transportation was not running.”

Gloria Blackmon, Director of Nursing, Long Term Care Levindale

"The Levindale staff were extremely flexible and willing to come to work, stay at work and do whatever was necessary to met the needs of our residents and patients. Many came prepared to stay as long as needed even before we were officially on Code Yellow."

Tina Kummelman, Human Resources manager at Levindale and Courtland Gardens

“I love working in healthcare when everyone pulls together. Thanks to a great transportation department for picking everyone up in the height of the storm, food and nutrition for providing meals around the clock to staff, EVS for making cots and getting linen and providing staff a place to sleep, plant operations for keeping our building safe and secure ready to keep us powered up, staffing for the numerous calls to figure out staffing ratios and the juggling act, nursing for providing tireless care. Thanks to those who worked double shifts and slept only to work another one. Thank you to all the staff for staying until replacements arrived. It reminds me why I love to work in healthcare, even when I am ready to pull my hair out! LOL!”

Once again, thank you to everyone in the LifeBridge Health family who pulled together during the storm!

-Helene King

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