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Caring Touch Boutique at Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute Now Open!

With its soft, almost gauzy lighting and soundtrack of ‘40s-style dancehall hits, Caring Touch is the kind of boutique that you can’t help but smile about. Chic hats and scarves as brightly colored as tropical birds appear on glass shelves. Mannequin heads seem to wink at you, as if they know how sleek they look in their wigs.

Now open in the Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute at Sinai Hospital, Caring Touch offers just that to patients who want to retain their sense of glamour. “I wanted a place where women could come in and hang out,” says Debi Drybala, president of Caring Touch Medical, Inc. That community feeling is apparent not only in a back room filled with coffees and cupcakes, cookies and teas that would make a gourmand blush, but in the merchandise itself. Caring Touch shares the wares of local artisans, some of whom are cancer survivors.

Caring Touch at Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute

Caring Touch is a full-service boutique offering an assortment of gifts, supplies, and services for the comfort of cancer patients and their families.

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Creativity is everywhere, from the purple-glittered butterflies floating over the wall of a fitting room where women who’ve undergone mastectomies try on prostheses, to the inspirational quotes adorning the walls. “I hope it will make people smile,” adds Debi. The décor is delightful, but what will really get customers smiling is the incredible array of goodies, which include cancer awareness products like relaxation tapes and books, wigs and skin care creams. You’ll also find compression stockings in a wide palate of colors, ranging from ivy green to hot pink to nude; Lymphedema sleeves, gloves and gauntlets (and even pumps!) are also available. The store carries the Lindi Skin line, which caters to cancer patients’ special skin needs.

Debi emphasizes that the prices can accommodate every budget, and that the shop accepts all major forms of insurances. So, whether you’re looking for a hat or scarf to help you look hot while you keep warm, or you want to give your achy skin a more than a little TLC, come to Caring Touch. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Their phone number is 410-601-4725.

-Laura Bogart

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