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VSP Sponsors Luncheon to Commemorate Productive Year

As Michael Jackson’s inspirational power ballad “Man in the Mirror” filled Sinai Hospital’s Zamoiski Auditorium, a vast array of individuals gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of a program that helps many people in the Baltimore area “make that change.” Whether they’re teaching a lesson on basic office technology or coaching a client through time management tactics, the staff of VSP, a department of Sinai Hospital, is devoted to providing valuable work-life skills to folks of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

VSP also relies on solid partnerships throughout LifeBridge Health to ensure that its clients get on-the-job training and feedback. On September 27, 2011, VSP sponsored a luncheon to commemorate a productive year (the organization’s 44th year), and to extend its heartiest gratitude to those who’ve given their time, attention, and care to give other people a real chance.

This praise goes both ways. Warren Green, president and CEO of LifeBridge Health, told the crowd assembled that “VSP is one of those things that makes me really proud.” Sinai Hospital President Neil Meltzer echoed this sentiment: “Individuals gaining skills for meaningful work … it’s a mitzvah, a good deed you do for the community.” Green and Meltzer were joined by other LifeBridge luminaries like VP Barbara Epke and VP of Human Resources Taylor Foss in speaking about the ways VSP has expanded and enriched the LifeBridge Health family.

Many of the attendees had personal experiences collaborating with VSP. Beverly Stewart, a medical practice associate, remembers everyone she’s ever worked with from VSP. They’re so notable, she explained, because “they’re very conscientious and prepared. They know office protocol [and] they’re very positive.” Beverly said that the trainees she’s mentored have made her job easier. She’s not the only one. Many VSP graduates are hired by LifeBridge Health every year.

“VSP got me back on my feet,” enthused Anthony Bolden, who is now a patient transporter at Sinai Hospital. “The counselors treat you like family.” The individualized attention he received from his counselors and managers motivated him to get his own apartment and go back to school. Many of us in the audience were visibly moved when Bolden and fellow VSP graduate Jabril Alexander, now an EVS supervisor at Sinai, shared their stories. Alexander’s voice thrummed with exuberance when he spoke of the pride his new title instilled in him.

After these young gentlemen testified to the powerful relationships they’d formed within VSP and LifeBridge Health, five manager/supervisors were honored for their exemplary guidance and lasting impact on their lucky mentees.

Jason Martin, Sinai Maintenance

Shane O’Keefe, Central Transportation

Ed Grocholski, Northwest Environmental Services

Loren Daniel, Sinai Human Resources

Peter Andrews, Sinai Occupational Health

We congratulate these five honorees, and everyone else who has extended the helping hand that has pulled someone else up to a better life. We’d also like to extend our best wishes for this year’s crop of VSP graduates.

-Laura Bogart


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