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Presciptions in Pregnancy

It’s a common fear: a woman becomes pregnant and starts worrying about the medications she is taking. According to Michael Carson, M.D., who presented at Sinai Hospital Grand Rounds yesterday, internists need to become more familiar with the impact of disease on a pregnancy, and what medicines are safe. Carson is an assistant clinical professor…
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Orthopedic Surgeon Reflects on Haiti Experience

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, several LifeBridge Health employees have volunteered their time and services to earthquake victims. Among these are physicians Shawn Standard and Albert Aboulafia. An orthopedic surgeon and co-director of sarcoma services at the Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute, Aboulafia traveled to Haiti from Feb. 3-7 to work with Project…
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We appreciate everyone who reads the LifeBridge Health blog. We are close to having 100 people who subscribe to it, and we're offering a $10 Target gift card to our 100th subscriber. It's just our way of saying thank you for reading! A reminder: when you subscribe via the link at the right, please make…
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Battling the Winter Blues Through Fitness

by Tim Hyland (The following is an excerpt from an article appearing in the 2010 Md.MD for Life, available now.) Matt Carlen knows a thing or two about the winter blues. Growing up in not-so-sunny Sweden, Carlen became all-too-well acquainted with that Nordic nation's long, gloomy, dark winters. Cold, too. Put it this way: By…
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Cardiac Rehabilitation Can Lead to Better Outcomes

By Paul A. Gurbel, M.D.Director of Cardiovascular Research at the Center for Thrombosis Research at Sinai HospitalResults of a recent study published in Circulation reveal that patients who complete a full complement of 36 cardiac rehabilitation sessions reduced their risk of suffering a heart attack and lived longer lives. The results drive home the importance…
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