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100 measly calories

Did you know if you consume 100 fewer calories per day you could lose 10 pounds in a year? If you burn another 100 calories every day through exercise, you could lose up to 20 pounds per year. Megan Larson, RD, LDN, a clinical dietitian with ARAMARK Healthcare at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, offers these…
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Congestive heart failure management program at Northwest Hospital

Are you suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF)? The Northwest Hospital Congestive Heart Failure Management Program can help you manage your health so that you will feel better and improve your quality of life.Heart failure is a common condition that usually develops slowly as the heart muscle weakens. The heart needs to work harder to…
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Build strong growing bones

Yogurt, cheese and pudding are all calcium-rich, bone-building foods. So are calcium-fortified juice, soy beverages and tofu, as well as dark green vegetables like broccoli and kale. Still, it takes more than good nutrition to build strong bones. Regular weight bearing activities such as dancing, soccer, running, weight lifting, tennis and volleyball are important since…
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Don’t let "Yucky!" discourage you

Many parents get discouraged when their child exclaims “Yucky, what are those?” at the sight of brussels sprouts or broccoli. But don’t stop trying to feed your kids healthy vegetables and snacks. The entire world is new to a child, so it can be overwhelming. New food can be uncomfortable, so kids frequently decide they…
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Simply the best

If you've heard a sound of the train in the distance, it's because we're going to take a moment to toot our own horn.The LifeBridge Health Marketing department won several awards at the annual Alfred Knight Awards luncheon held today, including the Vicki Rosen Best in Show Award for the LifeBridge Health Facebook site. The…
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